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PM chat with ericryan50
looking for:dating a woman
distance:355 km

about ericryan50:
I am easygoing,friendly and never worry.I have a strong character and will take charge of your life.I have a good sense of humour and like to laugh at life.ANY MAN CAN LOVE A MILLION WOMEN BUT ONLY A REAL MAN CAN LOVE ONE WOMAN A MILLION WAYS....I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A PERFECT WOMAN.I AM LOOKING FOR A WOMAN TO LOVE PERFECTLY....I AM LOOKING FOR A FRIEND,A WIFE AND A LOVER ALL IN ONE.

ericryan50's profession:
civil engineering

height:5' 11" (180 cm)
body type:thin
hair color:black
eyes color:brown
do you still live with your parents?I live in my own house
do you own a car?yes
marital status:widowed
do you have children?all my kids are 18+
would you date someone who has children?yes
do you want children?undecided
your religion:catholic
do you like metal (the musical genre)?It's ok..
are you vegan?yes
do you drink alcohol?no
do you smoke cigarette?no
do you smoke pot?no
do you take other drugs?no
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